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Nuheat Launches a Thermostatically Controlled Outlet for Plug-In Heat Trace Cables

Vancouver, B.C. 7 Feb 2013

Nuheat launches the Nuheat Thermocube. This thermostatically controlled outlet regulates electricity use of heat trace cables. The Nuheat Thermocube controls power between a 120V outlet and Nuheat's Plug-In Heat Trace Cable.

How does it work?

As ambient temperature dips towards freezing the Nuheat Thermocube turns the power on. As ambient temperature rises, the Nuheat Thermocube turns the power off. A great complement to Nuheat's plug-in heat trace cable, the Thermocube works with 120V outlets and can help reduce operating costs during fluctuating winter weather.

The 2013 winners will be featured in the April 30th issue of Business in Vancouver and honoured at a gala dinner at The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel on May 15, 2013

Fast Fact:

  • Operates with any 15-amp 120V electrical device
    • Compatible with Nuheat 9PK or 13PK plug-in kits
  • Turns devices that are plugged into the unit on/off based on ambient temperature
    • Turns on at approximately 35ºF/2ºC
    • Turns off at approximately 45ºF/7ºC
  • Temperature sensor located on the front of the unit
  • 1-year warranty
  • MSLP: $22.50

About Nuheat

Based in Vancouver, Nuheat is the leading manufacturer and distributor of electric floor heating systems and freeze protection products for pipes, roof & gutters and slab. Nuheat products have been included in such celebrated projects as the Shangri-La Tower in Vancouver, the Hyatt Grand in Aspen, the Plaza Hotel in New York, Montreal's City Hall and will soon be included in the Canuck Place Children’s Hospice facility being built near Vancouver, British Columbia.

For additional information contact:

Christy Fabros
Public Relations Specialist
Nuheat Industries Ltd.

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