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Nuheat launches Weather - Ready™ Self-Regulating Snow Melting Cable

Vancouver, BC, September 17, 2013

Nuheat today announced the launch of its Weather Ready™ Self-Regulating Snow Melting Cable to the North American market. The latest addition to Nuheat's line of freeze protection products is one of the most flexible and easy to install cables on the market. The cable can be cut to length allowing for easy on-site adjustments and less waste. The self-regulating cable adjusts its heat output based on the slab temperature to ensure that snow will melt on contact without excess energy use.

"Our contractors will appreciate the ease of installing our new snow melting cable," said Wally Lo, Nuheat's Product Manager. "The cable can be cut to length on the jobsite adapting to any last minute design changes. Damage to the heating cable is also easily repaired with a simple waterproof splice kit."

The low-profile cable can be easily hidden in concrete or under paving stones without significantly raising the profile and is ideal for keeping driveways, walkways, ramps, stairs and sidewalks clear of snow and ice. The Nuheat Weather - Ready™ Self-Regulating Snow Melting Cable comes with Nuheat's 10-year warranty.

Fast Facts:

  • Polyolefin outer jacket and fluoropolymer inner jacket protects the cable from harsh construction environments
  • Self-regulating feature prevents overheating or burning out
  • For most snowfall areas: 10" on center spacing is adequate and provides 40watts/square feet
  • For heavier snowfall areas: 8" on center spacing is adequate and provides 50 watts/square feet
  • 10-year warranty

About Nuheat

Based in Vancouver, Nuheat - a Platinum member of Canada's Best Managed Companies— is the leading manufacturer and distributor of electric floor heating systems and freeze protection products for pipes, roof & gutters and slab. Nuheat products have been included in such celebrated projects as the Shangri-La Tower in Vancouver, the Hyatt Grand in Aspen, the Plaza Hotel in New York, Montreal's City Hall and will soon be included in the Canuck Place Children's Hospice facility being built near Vancouver, British Columbia.

For additional information contact:

Christy Fabros
Public Relations Specialist
Nuheat Industries Ltd.

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