Cable System

Nuheat Cable is a floor heating system that allows contractors to instantly make on-site adjustments to the floor heating coverage for any room including those with curves and angles. Nuheat Cable can be also used to heat wet areas such as shower beds and benches or saunas.

Nuheat Cable can be controlled using the same programmable and non-programmable thermostat options as Nuheat Mats.

Cable System
Cable Shower Feature

Now you can experience the barefoot comfort of Nuheat Floor Heating Systems in your shower. For the ultimate in warm floor luxury, Nuheat Cable System may be installed under shower beds and benches or saunas. Find out more.

Combination Install Feature

The Nuheat Cable may be installed in combination with the Nuheat Mat system. Both systems have leads and can be wired together to the same thermostat.
Find out more.

Cable Laminate Feature

Just like a tile and stone application, Nuheat Cable can take the chill out of laminate and engineered wood surfaces, ensuring you the pleasure of barefoot comfort in any room in your home. Find out more.

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