April 2, 2015: Nuheat is now a Pentair company. More information.

Tile/Stone Installations

The installation of Nuheat mats is a simple process that takes a fraction of the time when compared to other floor heating systems. The Nuheat Mat(s) is simply adhered to the subfloor using thinset and the flooring can then be immediately installed over top.

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Laminate/Engineered Wood Installations

Just like a tile and stone application, Nuheat floor Heating systems can take the chill out of laminate and engineered wood surfaces, ensuring you the pleasure of barefoot comfort in any room in your home. The Nuheat Mat(s) is simply adhered to the subfloor using thinset then covered with 1/4″ thick layer of thinset. Then follow manufacturer’s installation instructions to install the underlay and your laminate or engineered wood floor.

When installing Nuheat under laminate or engineered wood, flooring manufacturers usually require homeowners to limit the temperature of floor heating system. Nuheat’s programmable thermostats have specific settings for laminate or engineered wood floors that will protect the warranty of your floors.

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Registered Installers in Your Area

Installing Nuheat mats is very easy to do. However, to find a registered installer of Nuheat’s under floor heating system in your area, simply enter your zip code to find installers or call our toll free Customer Service Line at 1(800) 778-WARM (9276).

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