April 2, 2015: Nuheat is now a Pentair company. More information.

Roof & Gutter De-Icing

Ice dams and icicles can cause extensive and costly damage to roof and gutter systems. Nuheat Weather-Ready™ Heat Trace Cables for roof & gutter de-icing are installed on roofs and placed inside gutters and downspouts to create and maintain drain paths for water. The self-regulating cable technology automatically adjusts the heat output of the cable based on the surrounding temperature to reduce energy consumption.

Heating Cables


Weather-Ready™ Heat Trace Cable

In addition to heat trace applications, Nuheat Weather-Ready™ Heat Trace Cable offers options for roof and gutter de-icing applications.


Weather-Ready™ Heat Trace Plug-In Cables

Weather-Ready® plug-in heating cables are designed for residential and commercial roof & gutter de-icing and pipe heat tracing applications. Weather-Ready® plug-in heating cables are suitable for various roofing materials as well as metal or plastic pipes up to 6 inches in diameter.

Sensors & Controllers

cit-1-sensorCIT-1 Sensor

The CIT-1 sensor is an aerial-mounted sensor that detects falling or blowing precipitation as well as low-temperature conditions. The CIT-1 sensor must be used with an APS control panel.

git-1-sensor GIT-1 Sensor

The GIT-1 sensor is a gutter-mounted sensor that detects moisture as well as low-temperature conditions. The GIT-1 sensor must be used with an APS control panel.

aps-control-panelAPS Control Panel

APS control panels are used in conjunction with various sensors and manages/distributes power to the heating cable(s) while ensuring minimum operating costs.

ds-2b-sensor-controllerDS-2B Sensor/Controller

The DS-2B aerial-mounted sensor/controller is a 2-in-1 unit which senses snow conditions and distributes power to the heating cable(s) for 120V/240V applications.


The Snow Switch Model GF-Pro is an automatic snow and ice melting control system.


The Snow Switch Model PD Pro is an automatic snow and ice melting control system.

LCD-8-TRANS-150x150LCD-8 Snow Sensor/Controller

The LCD-8 aerial-mounted sensor/controller senses snow conditions and can distribute power to heating cables or can be configured to trigger external contactors/relays for systems with larger loads (120V/240V).

​Connection Kits


The plug-in adaptor kit allows contractors to cut the heating cable (120V only) to length on the jobsite, attach the plug, and insert the plug into a suitable 120V outlet.


Heat Shrink Power Connection Kit

Nuheat’s heat shrink power connection kit is used to prepare the cable for connection with the power source.


Heat Shrink Splice / Tee Splice Kit

Nuheat's splice / tee splice kit is used to create a splice or a tee-splice for the heating cable.


Heat Shrink End Seal Kit

Nuheat's heat shrink end seal kit is used to terminate the end of the heating cable.



Automatically turns power to electrical devices on/off based on ambient temperature and perfect for use with Nuheat heat trace plug-in kits

roof-clipsRoof Clips

Nuheat roof clips are used to help secure Nuheat 13RG (and 13FP) roof and gutter de-icing cables to shingle or metal roofs.

downspout-hangersDownspout Hangers

Nuheat downspout hangers are used to protect Nuheat 13RG (and 13FP) roof and gutter de-icing cables from going over sharp edges within gutter and downspout systems.