April 2, 2015: Nuheat is now a Pentair company. More information.

Snow Melting

Nuheat Weather-Ready™ Snow Melt Products are ideal for electric snow melting applications in concrete, asphalt or under paving stones.

Heating Cables

mineral-insulated-cableMineral Insulated (MI) Snow Melt Cable

The MI cables come factory assembled complete with cold leads and end seal and are constructed with an HDPE outer jacket and seamless copper sheath which makes the cable durable yet flexible.

self-regulating-cableSelf-Regulating Snow Melt Cable

Suitable for concrete and paving stone applications, the Nuheat Weather-Ready™ Self-Regulating Snow Melt Cable can be cut-to-length on the job site for ultimate flexibility/adaptability and is suitable for 208V-277V applications.

Sensors & Controllers

cit-1-sensorCIT-1 Sensor

The CIT-1 sensor is an aerial-mounted sensor that detects falling or blowing precipitation as well as low-temperature conditions. The CIT-1 sensor must be used with an APS control panel.

aps-control-panelAPS Control Panel

APS control panels are used in conjunction with various sensors and manages power to the heating cable(s) while ensuring minimum operating costs.

ds-2b-sensor-controllerDS-2B Sensor/Controller

The DS-2B aerial-mounted sensor/controller is a 2-in-1 unit which senses snow conditions and distributes power to the heating cable(s) for 120V/240V applications.

sit-6e-sensorSIT-6E Sensor

The SIT-6E sensor is a pavement-mounted sensor that detects moisture as well as low-temperature conditions. The SIT-6E sensor must be used with an APS control panel.

hsc-5-sensor-controllerHSC-5 Sensor/Controller

The HSC-5 pavement-mounted sensor/controller is a 2-in-1 unit which senses snow conditions and distributes power to the heating cable(s) for 120V or 240V applications via a dry contact.

LCD-8-TRANS-150x150LCD-8 Snow Sensor/Controller

The LCD-8 aerial-mounted sensor/controller senses snow conditions and can distribute power to heating cables or can be configured to trigger external contactors/relays for systems with larger loads (120V/240V).

Connection Kits

heat-shrink-power-connection-kit2Heat Shrink Power Connection Kit

Nuheat's heat shrink power connection kit is used to prepare the heating cable for connection with the power source. The kit also includes an end seal to terminate the other end of the cable.

heat-shrink-splice-kitHeat Shrink Splice Kit

Nuheat's splice kit is used to create a splice for the heating cable. The splice kit is also used for any repairs.

heat-shrink-end-sealsHeat Shrink End Seals (Extra)

Nuheat's heat shrink end seal kit are extra end seals used to terminate the end of the heating cable.

heat-shrink-expansion-joint-kitHeat Shrink Expansion Joint Kit

Nuheat's expansion joint kit is used to protect the snow melt cable when crossing expansion joints.


OC0047-TRANS-150x150Snow Melting Caution Plaques

Caution plaques alert contractors and property owners/managers of the presence of electric snow melting cables within the slab below.

pre-punched-strappingPre-punched Strapping

Stainless steel pre-punched strapping is used to hold MI Cable runs in place. Tabs that hold the MI cable are spaced at 1" intervals and come in 75ft rolls.