Nuheat Mesh is an electric floor heating system best suited for square or rectangular areas, for installation under tile, stone, and laminate/engineered wood floors. The Nuheat Mesh floor heating system includes a red heating cable attached to an adhesive-backed red fiberglass mesh that allows for simple roll-out installation and on-site adjustments.

Nuheat ​Mesh can be controlled using the same programmable and non-programmable thermostat options as Nuheat Mats.


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Tile/Stone/Laminate/Engineered Wood Installations

The Nuheat Mesh system is rolled out onto the subfloor. The self-adhesive mesh is pressed firmly onto the subfloor to ensure the heating system is properly adhered to the subfloor. The mesh material (NOT the heating wire) can be cut and the roll can be turned/maneuvered to fit the shape of the room. The Nuheat Mesh system is then covered with self-leveler or thinset. After the self-leveler or thinset has cured, flooring can then be installed over top.

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Certified PRO Installers in Your Area

Installing Nuheat Mesh is very easy for a professional. To find a ​Certified PRO installer of Nuheat’s under floor heating system in your area, simply enter your zip code to find installers.

Tile/Stone/Laminate/Engineered Wood Applications

Nuheat Mesh is a floor heating system that allows contractors to instantly roll out onto the subfloor and make on-site adjustments to the floor heating coverage. Simply roll out the Nuheat Mesh system, press onto the subfloor to secure the self-adhesive mesh, then cover the heating cable with self-leveler or thinset.


Level of Difficulty: Moderate     Estimated Time: 60 minutes (based on 50 square feet)


List of Materials Needed:

  1. Self-leveler or latex modified thinset
  2. Duct tape
  3. Flat trowel
  4. Digital multimeter (ohmmeter)
  5. Thinset mixer
  6. Bucket
  • VoltsWattsAmpsOhmsSq. Ft.Roll DimensionsModel No. Price USD*
  • 120V1391.2103.41220" x 8ftN1M012 $200.00
  • 120V1701.484.91520" x 9ftN1M015 $220.00
  • 120V3002.547.92520" x 15ftN1M025 $280.00
  • 120V3442.941.93020" x 19ftN1M030 $320.00
  • 120V4423.732.64020" x 23ftN1M040 $400.00
  • 120V5634.725.65020" x 29ftN1M050 $470.00
  • 120V7206206020" x 36ftN1M060 $556.00
  • 120V8096.717.87020" x 41ftN1M070 $611.10
  • 120V9477.915.28020" x 49ftN1M080 $688.50
  • 120V10228.514.18520" x 52ftN1M085 $714.60
  • 120V11619.712.49520" x 58ftN1M095 $764.10
  • 120V129910.811.111020" x 65ftN1M110 $956.70
  • 120V146112.29.912020" x 73ftN1M120 $1034.10
  • VoltsWattsAmpsOhmsSq. Ft.Roll DimensionsModel No. Price USD*
  • 240V1650.7348.81520" x 9ftN2M015 $220.00
  • 240V2240.9257.62020" x 13ftN2M020 $250.00
  • 240V3021.3190.72520" x 16ftN2M025 $280.00
  • 240V4031.7142.83520" x 21ftN2M035 $371.70
  • 240V5232.2110.14520" x 28ftN2M045 $450.00
  • 240V6322.691.15520" x 32ftN2M055 $512.00
  • 240V7423.177.66520" x 39ftN2M065 $598.50
  • 240V8423.568.47020" x 43ftN2M070 $611.10
  • 240V10204.356.58520" x 52ftN2M085 $714.60
  • 240V11024.652.39020" x 55ftN2M090 $739.80
  • 240V1211547.610020" x 61ftN2M100 $788.40
  • 240V14275.940.412020" x 73ftN2M120 $1034.10
  • 240V16216.835.513520" x 82ftN2M135 $1134.00
  • 240V17047.133.814520" x 87ftN2M145 $1248.30
  • 240V1914830.116020" x 97ftN2M160 $1350.90
  • 240V20548.62817020" x 102ftN2M170 $1425.60
  • 240V23149.624.919020" x 117ftN2M190 $1576.80
  • 240V258910.822.221520" x 131ftN2M215 $1784.70
  • 240V290512.119.824020" x 147ftN2M240 $1991.70
* Prices are for USA orders only.