Energy Saving Tips

Energy Consumptionzoning-heat-area

Nuheat produces radiant heat, the most comfortable and energy efficient form of heating. Nuheat electric under floor heat system is an economical floor heating system. A 30 square foot heated area of Nuheat, for example, will only use the same electricity as three 100-watt light bulbs. Homeowners can further reduce their energy costs by using our energy efficient programmable thermostats.


“Zone” large spaces such as basements and kitchens by breaking them into separate areas. By controlling these zones on separate thermostats, you will avoid heating areas not in use. Example: This room layout hosts both a TV area as well as a kitchen. The kitchen (Zone 1) is used in the morning for a quick breakfasts and sit-down family dinners in the evenings while the TV area (Zone 2) is used only in the evenings after dinner. By installing two thermostats and zoning the space, a homeowner can control the energy consumption to match their lifestyle.



Programming your Nuheat

Always utilize the full programming functionality of your energy-efficient thermostat. By programming your system you can save on your energy bill while ensuring your floor is that “just right” temperature when you want it. Set it and forget it. Check out the Virtual Thermostats for programming assistance. Try reducing your programming time in other words your “on time” by at least thirty minutes a day. The thermal mass of your tile floor (especially in a well insulated installation) will retain the heat and cool down gradually. You can save up to 7 hours of “on time” per week.

Typical Programming Setting: Monday – Friday (On Time)

Typical Setting Energy-efficient Setting On Time Reduction
6:30am – 8:00am 6:30am – 7:30am 30 minutes
6:00pm – 10:00pm 6:00pm – 9:30pm 30 minutes
Total Savings 1 hour per day
1 hour per day = 7 hours per week 365 hours per year


To ensure an accurate reading from the sensor probe, be sure to install you probe away from open air ways. By doing so, your floor sensing probe will not incorrectly read a drop in temperature due to draft or proximity to cooler outdoor temperatures. Take advantage of passive energy sunlight provides through a window. Program your thermostat to reflect peak sunlight hours. Tile below a window receiving sunlight will become warm and will feel very much like your Nuheat system.


When installing your Nuheat Floor Heating System directly on top of a concrete/cement slab (example: basement slab on grade), Nuheat recommends installing an insulation layer or a thermal barrier under your Nuheat Floor Heating System. This will ensure that your flooring surface will require less energy to reach the desired temperature. With an insulation layer, the cold slab below does not absorb the heat generated by the Nuheat system. There are many options for insulation barriers which include engineered membranes, natural cork, and concrete backer boards. Discuss with your contractor on which options are best for your specific application.