nVent Nuheat Cable

The robust floor heating cable solution.


nVent Nuheat Cable provides the most on-site flexibility.

Cable is a floor heating cable system that is configured on-site during installation. Cable kits come in 33 sizes. Choose the cable kit that is best suited for the size of room/area and configure on-site to provide floor heat in the desired areas of the room.


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On-site flexibility.
Cable is adjusted on-site to provide heat coverage where it is desired. Installers only need to know the approximate square footage of the area(s) that need to be heated.
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Flexible wire spacing and heat output.
Cable provides the installer the ability to adjust the wire spacing and heat output according to installation needs.
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Compatible with nVent Nuheat Membrane.
Cable is compatible with Membrane; the integrated floor heating and uncoupling product from nVent Nuheat.
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Comprehensive selection of sizes to choose from.
Cable is available in 33 sizes in both 120 & 240 volt which allows installers to choose the perfect sized kit for the area they wish to heat.
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Available immediately.
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Step 1
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Plan the Cable installation before securing any part of the floor heating system to the subfloor.
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Install the heating cable according to the Installation Layout Plan.
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Install stabilizing cable guides to ensure the heating cable does not float during the self-leveling process.
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Secure the floor-sensing probe. Route the thermostat probe through the sill plate hole and up to the thermostat electrical box.
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Prepare the subfloor using self-leveling compound/thinset mortar as per manufacturer's instructions.
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Install tile/stone flooring.
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1. Cable resistance must be tested before, during and after installation to validate nVent Nuheat warranties.
2. All wiring connections should be completed by a certified electrician.
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  • Material:

    Two single conductor Tefzel-coated resistance wires covered by a tin-plated copper braid and then coated with a durable copolymer (PVC) outer jacket

  • Operating Voltage:

    120 V and 240 V

  • Power Output:

    12 watts per square foot - (15 watts per square foot depending on spacing option chosen)

  • Minimum Bending Radius:

    0.5 in (12mm)

  • Maximum ​Ambient temperature:

    194°F (90°C)

  • Minimum Installation Temperature:

    50°F (10°C)

  • ​Heating Cable:

    2-wire, grounded, twisted air with PVC outer jacket

  • Cold Lead:

    2-wire, 16-18 AWG plus ground braid layer; PVC outer jacket, 10 ft (3m) length

Pricing & Sizing

  • 120 Volt
  • VoltsWattsAmpsOhmsSq. Ft.Length (ft)Model No.Number of cable guides** Price USD*
  • 120890.74162829N1C008 12 $248.94
  • 1201461.22981247N1C012 12 $259.76
  • 1201761.4821557N1C015 12 $292.23
  • 1203052.54472598N1C025 24 $335.52
  • 1203622.94030120N1C030 24 $357.17
  • 1204573.73140148N1C040 36 $400.46
  • 1205824.72550188N1C050 36 $443.75
  • 1207216.012060234N1C060 48 $497.87
  • 1208176.71870265N1C070 60 $562.81
  • 1209717.91580318N1C080 60 $584.46
  • 12010328.51485334N1C085 60 $606.1
  • 12011709.71295377N1C095 60 $649.4
  • 120132010.811110423N1C110 72 $725.16
  • 120145812.1510120474N1C120 84 $790.1
  • 240 Volt
  • VoltsWattsAmpsOhmsSq. Ft.Length (ft)Model No.Number of cable guides** Price USD*
  • 2401700.73381555.9N2C015 12 $248.94
  • 2402420.92382080N2C020 24 $303.05
  • 2403131.318425102N2C025 24 $346.34
  • 2404201.713735136N2C035 36 $389.64
  • 2405462.210545177.8N2C045 36 $422.11
  • 2406372.69055206.6N2C055 36 $454.58
  • 2407673.17565250.3N2C065 48 $497.87
  • 2408643.56770277.1N2C070 60 $530.34
  • 24010324.35685334.1N2C085 60 $595.28
  • 24011104.65290358.1N2C090 60 $606.1
  • 2401218547100393N2C100 60 $671.04
  • 24014465.940120472.2N2C120 84 $725.16
  • 24016326.835135528.7N2C135 96 $790.1
  • 24017267.133145560.5N2C145 108 $833.39
  • 2401920830160629.5N2C160 108 $887.51
  • 24020408.628170664.6N2C170 120 $909.16
  • 24023169.625190756.7N2C190 120 $1039.03
  • 240260410.822215849.1N2C215 132 $1103.97
  • 240293412.120240953.1N2C240 144 $1233.85

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