MatComfort 82F (Discontinued 2008)

Manufacturers of laminate & engineered wood recommend that the in floor heat underneath their products should only be warmed up to 84° Fahrenheit. The MatComfort 82F is regulated to limit the in floor heat up to 82° Fahrenheit. Nuheat ensures that your investment is absolutely risk free!


  • Programmable in floor heat sensing thermostat for laminate & engineered wood surfaces
  • Specially designed for use under laminate & engineered wood
  • Programmable 7-day settings for efficient use of Nuheat’s electric floor heating system
  • Available in 120 & 240 Volt formats
  • Backlit display
  • On/Off switch
  • Built-in G.F.C.I. (Class A)
  • Estimated price $175 – $225

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Did you know?

  • You can get step-by-step programming instructions over the phone by calling our NTG Programming Phone Line at 1-800-778-9276.
  • The MatComfort 82F thermostat can sense ambient air temperature in case your contractor forgets to install the sensor probe.
  • You can get answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding our thermostats