MatComfort Regulator (Discontinued 2008)

The MatComfort Regulator offers homeowners a non-programmable alternative to control the in floor heat of their Nuheat electric floor heating system. To increase/decrease the in floor heat of the electric floor heating system, simply turn the dial to the desired floor temperature.


  • A non-programmable alternative for your Nuheat electric floor heating system
  • Suitable for tile, stone, granite, and marble surfaces
  • Heating indicator light
  • Manual power selection dial to control the in floor heat of Nuheat’s electric floor heating system
  • Available in 120 & 240 Volt formats
  • On / Off switch
  • Built-in G.F.C.I. (Class A)
  • Estimated price $100 – $150

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Did you know?

  • The MatComfort Regulator does not need a floor sensing probe.
  • The MatComfort Regulator shares the same back components as the MatComfort NTG thermostat. This allows homeowners to easily upgrade to the NTG programmable thermostat option at a later date.