SIGNATURE Floor Heating
Thermostat Now Works With Nest

Take your comfort and energy savings to the next level by combining the Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat with Nest.  They work together to automatically adjust to your schedule, sensing and reacting to your ever changing lifestyle.  To read the full press release, click here.


Leaving home early?
The Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat will automatically reduce the floor temperature ahead of schedule to save energy.

Going on vacation?
The Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat will automatically reduce the floor temperature when you go on vacation. 


Setup and System Requirements

Follow these simple steps on your Nuheat SIGNATURE Thermostat and Nest to experience all the benefits this combination has to offer:

1.  Group your SIGNATURE Thermostats (even for a single SIGNATURE thermostat)

  • Login to your account
  • Select edit groups, new group

Nuheat SIGNATURE Thermostat

2.  Set SIGNATURE to Auto Mode

  • On the thermostat, select Setup/Preferences, Operating Mode, and ensure you are set to Auto Mode (default)

3.  Activate all four setpoints on SIGNATURE (Wake/Leave/Return/Sleep)

  • On thermostat, select Settings, Program/Schedule
  • Set higher temperatures for WAKE and RETURN setpoints
  • Set lower temperatures for LEAVE and SLEEP setpoints*

*IMPORTANT: At minimum, SLEEP setpoint in each day’s schedule should be active and set to a lower temperature than the WAKE setpoint.

Nest Thermostat

4.  Nest Sense™ Home/Away Assist feature is enabled

5.  Access Works With Nest Feature and begin setup

  • Login to your account, select Account Settings, ​Connect to Nest and follow instructions                     

For specifications and more information about the Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat, please click here.