Floor Heating

Can nVent NUHEAT systems be installed in wet environments such as shower floors, shower benches and saunas?
Yes! NUHEAT can be installed in wet environments such as shower floors, on shower benches, as well as saunas. However, a separate mat / cable kit / mesh kit is recommended for the shower area. If the floor heat in the shower is damaged, it cannot be repaired because a waterproof repair cannot be guaranteed. By installing a separate product in the shower, the floor heating in the rest of the bathroom would not be affected should there be an issue with the shower area. For the shower installation instructions please click here

Can nVent NUHEAT systems be installed under countertops?
Yes they can! The countertop must have a suitable bottom layer onto which the NUHEAT mat / cable kit / mesh kit is to be installed. The procedure to install under a countertop is the same as a floor installation. Please follow the instructions in the appropriate installation guide.

Can nVent NUHEAT systems be installed under solid hardwood?
NUHEAT is approved for installation under tile, stone, marble, laminate, engineered wood, and luxury vinyl flooring. Traditional hardwood is typically not recommended to be installed over an electric floor heating system because the repeated heating and cooling cycles may damage the wood. Also, some hardwood flooring requires nailing the wood to the subfloor, which would damage the electric heating wires. Always check with the manufacturer of your flooring product to make sure the product is approved for installation over an electric floor heating system.

What is the minimum size of a NUHEAT Custom Mat?

The smallest size is 7.5 square feet for 120 V products and 15 square feet for 240 V products with a minimum width of 6 inches in either case. Please refer to the custom mat sizing chart located here

Do you have to wait for the topcoat of thinset to be fully cured before laying the tile?

No, this is a major advantage of installing an nVent NUHEAT system. Tiling can begin immediately after the mat / cable kit / mesh kit is installed onto the subfloor. 

Will the NUHEAT system radiate heat horizontally (off of the edge of the mat / cable kit / mesh kit)? 

No, you will only feel heat directly above the nVent NUHEAT system.

How long are the leads?

The cold leads of all nVent NUHEAT products are 10 feet long. 

Where do the leads attach on a Mat?

The leads on Standard Mats are attached at a corner. Standard Mats can be flipped so the lead is positioned closest to the thermostat location (there is no right-side-up or -down to Standard Mats).

Does the lead need to reach the thermostat directly? 

Cold lead from one or more NUHEAT system(s) must be connected to the thermostat directly in parallel. NUHEAT systems must not be connected in series. Leads must make a home-run to the thermostat or to an accessible junction box. The electrician can use typical household wiring, such as Romex, from the junction box to the thermostat.

Can the lead be extended without a junction box? 

Please check the electrical code in your area and with your local electrical authority. 

Can I order a NUHEAT Mat with a longer lead? 

NUHEAT Standard and Custom mats can be special ordered with extra lead length up to 22 feet long. Cable and Mesh systems cannot be ordered with longer leads. For Custom Mats, the thermostat location is specified at time of purchase; our designers will ensure the lead length is sufficient to reach the thermostat. If you request an extended lead on a standard mat, the lead will remain on one of the corners.

Can the sensor wire be extended?

Yes, the sensor wire can be extended at an accessible junction box using regular doorbell wire. 

How do I test the sensor wire to ensure it’s not damaged?

See the testing instructions in the instruction manual included with the thermostat. Be sure to check the wiring in the thermostat’s quick wiring guide to ensure wires are connected to the correct sensor terminals on the thermostat prior to testing.

How many NUHEAT systems can I connect to one thermostat? 

You can install more than one Mat / Cable Kit / Mesh Kit to a thermostat, provided that the total draw does not exceed 15 amps. The thermostat typically holds up to 3 or 4 sets of leads before fitting the lead wires into the terminals becomes difficult. Each system must be designed for the same voltage (all 120 V, all 240 V, or all 208 V).

Can I heat the entire room or home with NUHEAT?

Seek the advice of an HVAC specialist to calculate the volume of rooms, height of ceilings, amount of insulation, quality of building envelope, etc. to determine the heat output needed to heat the space. NUHEAT systems typically offer 12 Watts per square foot (41 BTU per square foot) and can provide up to 15 Watts per square foot (51 BTU per square foot).. If this output is sufficient for your application, a NUHEAT system can be used as a sole heat source. Click here for more information. 

Do nVent NUHEAT systems produce EMF?
nVent NUHEAT Custom and Standard Mats produce very low EMF – less than a typical kitchen appliance. NUHEAT Cable and NUHEAT Mesh systems produce zero EMF.

Do you recommend an underlayment for installation of NUHEAT systems on cement slabs?
If you are installing on a cement slab, installation of an insulating underlayment on the slab is recommended to ensure energy use goes into heating the flooring surface and not the slab below. Adding a layer of insulation will improve performance. Click here for more information.

I want a NUHEAT Custom Mat! Where do I begin?
We require on site wall-to-wall dimensions and a thermostat location prior to producing a production drawing for approval. Click here for measuring instructions. Click here to submit a quote request. 

What is the lead time for Custom Mats?
Custom Mats typically ship in 5 to 7 business days. Actual lead time varies and will be confirmed upon quotation and/or order. Next day air shipment is available upon request. 

I’d like to order a standard product (Standard Mats, Cable Kits, Membrane, Mesh Kit, thermostat, Install Pro Alarm); where can I buy these?
Go to www.nuheat.com and click on Where to Buy  in the upper right corner to find distributors in your area that stock our products.

What can I do if I forget to install the sensor probe?
Current NUHEAT thermostats have ambient temperature sensing functionality. Switch the thermostat to Ambient Mode to enable this feature and bypass the need for a floor sensor (refer to the thermostat instruction manual, available in the thermostat box and from the appropriate thermostat product page on www.nuheat.com). 

What’s the difference between 120 V and 240 V (or 208 V) NUHEAT systems?

240 V systems do not heat better or faster than 120 V systems; NUHEAT systems are designed to produce the same wattage in either configuration. There is no difference in energy efficiency or cost to operate any system regardless of voltage. 240 V systems offer double area coverage of a 120 V system because the amperage of a 240 V system will be half the amperage of an equivalent 120 V system. NUHEAT thermostats accommodate up to 15 A. (150 square feet maximum at 120 V and 300 square feet maximum at 240 V). A qualified electrician can determine requirements and limitations based on the coverage required and the space available in the electrical panel.

How do I know if my nVent NUHEAT system is damaged?

First check the thermostat. Review the instructions in the thermostat manual to ensure proper function. 
Next go to the Troubleshooting section and review the thermostat model in question.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, call your NUHEAT installer or a qualified electrician for further testing. They should check the circuit breaker, the voltage, the wiring at the thermostat, and relays if applicable. They should test the system for to ensure Ohms and insulation is within spec. Testing instructions are in the installation manual for the thermostat in question.

Go to the Troubleshooting section for the thermostat. NUHEAT Technical Support is available if telephone assistance is required.

Can Nuheat Mats/Cable/Mesh be repaired if damaged?

Yes, the heating wire in all NUHEAT systems can be repaired in most cases. If you know where the break(s) is, you can purchase the appropriate repair kit and your electrician can perform the repair. 

NUHEAT Mat repair kit AC0014 is used for 120 V and 240 V mats.
NUHEAT Cable repair kit AC0040 is used for 120 V and 240 V cable kits.
NUHEAT Mat Lead Wire repair kit AC0016 is used for lead wire repair on 120 V Mats. AC0017 is used for lead wire repair on 240 V Mats. There is no lead wire repair kit for NUHEAT cable kits.

If you require an nVent NUHEAT authorized repair technician to perform a repair or if you do not know where the break is in the NUHEAT system, please click here to submit a Repair Request Form.

What if the kit doesn’t fit my space?
If you have too much cable left over:

  • Double-check that you have purchased the right kit based on the square footage of the area. If the wrong kit was purchased, contact the distributor to see if a return is possible.
  • Install the cable in the buffer zone; a buffer zone is an area where excess cable can be installed. Examples of buffer zones include the area behind the toilet or a closet space.
  • Install the cable tighter to the perimeter of the heated area to use up extra cable (reduce the unheated border).
If you don't have enough cable:
  • Double-check that you have purchased the right kit based on the square footage of the area. If the wrong kit was purchased, contact the distributor to see if a return is possible.
  • Remove the heating cable from areas of the floor where heating is not essential. Examples of such areas are areas behind the door and areas directly in front of the bathtub.
  • Install the cable further in from the perimeter of the area (increase the unheated border).

Can I cut the Cable?
No, cutting the Cable will cause the cable to fail and will also void the warranty. If too much cable is left, you need to install it in a buffer zone or re-install the cable closer to the perimeter of the heated area.

How should the cable be spaced?
Always follow the instructions in the appropriate product documentation. When installing NUHEAT Cable with NUHEAT Membrane, alternating 2-3-2 pillar spacing produces 12 W/ft2 (standard output). 2-pillar spacing in NUHEAT Membrane produces 15 W/ft2 (high output), which is best for installations on a concrete slab or when heat loss is a concern. 3-pillar spacing produces 10 W/ft2 (low output), which is not typically recommended but acceptable for low-use areas when trying to stretch coverage.

When installing NUHEAT Cable with cable guides, 3” spacing produces 12 W/ft2 (standard output). Alternating 3” - 2” - 3” spacing produces 15 W/ft2 (high output), which is best for installations on a concrete slab or when heat loss is a concern.

Always install cable with spacing that results in no less than minimum output suggested and no more than 15 W/ft2. Output exceeding 15 W/ft2 may cause a fire or other heat-related damage.