Warranties: We support you when you need us. 

We believe in the superior quality of our products, that's why we offer a 25-Year Product Warranty on all nVent Nuheat floor heating products that covers product defects along with a 3 year warranty on all nVent Nuheat thermostats. 

We also offer a 25-Year Total Care Warranty for installations completed by nVent Nuheat Certified PRO installers. This includes the same coverage of our 25-Year Product Warranty in addition to repair or replacement of an underfloor heating system, floor covering and installation costs.

Product Warranty

  • Covers all nVent Nuheat heating systems: Standard Mat, Custom Mat, Cable, Membrane and Mesh.
  • Nuheat Thermostats are subject to a 3 year product warranty.

Total Care Warranty

  • Offered exclusively for installations completed by Nuheat Certified PRO installers
  • Includes everything covered under the 25-Year Product Warranty
  • Covers floor heating repair or installation
  • Covers floor covering installation
  • Covers floor covering product
    • Installed by a
      Professional Installer

    • Installed by a Nuheat
      Certified PRO Installer

    • Nuheat Thermostats 3 YEARS
      Product Warranty

    • Nuheat Thermostats 3 YEARS
      Product Warranty


Register Your Warranty

Make sure to register every Nuheat floor heating installation you complete in order to validate your warranty.

What Do I Need to Receive
a Valid 25 Year Warranty?

All nVent Nuheat products must have been purchased from an authorized distributor in order to be covered by the Product Warranty or the Total Care Warranty. After your floor heating system is installed, you must complete the online warranty registration form within 30 days from the date of installation.

You must also keep a copy of test reports, relevant invoices, installation photographs and sketches for each installation. This documentation helps nVent Nuheat resolve your claim effectively, if ever required in the future.

How Do I Make
a Warranty Claim?

nVent Nuheat products are tested rigorously to ensure they are free of errors. In the exceptional case that a repair is needed - We've made it as easy as possible. 

Kindly contact us at 1-800-778-WARM (9276) or email us at RES.Customercare@nvent.com for warranty inquiries.


If a product stops working a year or more after installation – Is it automatically a warranty claim?

No, there are some installation issues that might not present immediately (a small nick or the wrong voltage). We won’t know if it’s a warranty claim until we discover the cause of the issue.

What happens if a product is not fixable?

Most of the time our repair technicians can fix a problem. However, if they are not able to (for example the waterproofing in a shower prevents it) –nVent would work with you for the best alternative typically new product or a refund.

If the repair reveals an issue is due to installation – Who pays?

A non warranty repair would be billed to the person who made the request. Once the cause of the break is known, it will point to the responsible party. It is not nVent's responsibility to seek out payment by the accountable party.

If the technician comes to the jobsite and finds nothing wrong – What happens?

The technician is still owed for their time so there would likely be a servicing fee (typically a reduced charge from the agreed upon repair fee).

If the warranty claim is accepted, does ​nVent pay for new materials?

Each case is handled individually and the appropriate support is provided. nVent’s Limited Product Warranty covers the repair technician’s work only. Additional labor involved in finishing the floor is not covered.

If a warranty claim is accepted, what does ​nVent do with that product information?

​nVent has a quality assurance team that reviews each repair case monthly. If trends present themselves, we study and implement product improvements based on the results.