nVent Nuheat Warranty Registration

Please complete this warranty registration within ​30 days to validate your 25-Year Product Warranty.
If applicable, please fill in your Certified PRO License number to upgrade to the 25-Year Total Care Warranty. All required fields are marked with an asterisk*.

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  • Note: To upgrade from the standard 25-Year Product Warranty to the 25-Year Total Care Warranty, you must enter a valid Certified PRO License Number.

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Nuheat offers a 25-year Limited Product warranty and/or 25-year Limited Total Care* warranty when installed by a Certified PRO Installer.

The online warranty registration form must be completed within thirty (30) days from the date of installation and kept by the owner of the building, together with a copy of the commissioning report, relevant invoice, and photographs, showing the product(s) in their entirety after installation but before covering with flooring material.

* Total Care warranty is an upgrade of our product warranty and covers additionally repair or replacement of the Product and restoring the floor in its original state or, if not possible, to an equivalent standard, at no cost to the Buyer. In order to remedy the defect, ​nVent must have access to 1m² (10 ft²) of the floor covering material.

This warranty may not be transferred and is exclusively to the sole benefit of the original purchaser.

Please note the following warranty conditions:

• Nuheat must be on a dedicated circuit and protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

• Nuheat must be tested (resistance & insulation) with a digital ohmmeter before, during and after the installation. Readings must be recorded in the printed installation instructions.

• Nuheat must be installed and connected according to the specifications set out in the US National Electric Code, Part 1 of the Canadian Electric Code and all local/municipal electrical regulations and standards.

•  A certified electrician familiar with residential/commercial electrical installation codes and practices must connect Nuheat to power.

25-Year Product Warranty PDF (English)

25-Year Total Care Warranty PDF (English)

25-Year Product Warranty PDF (Canadian-French)

25-Year Total Care Warranty PDF (Canadian-French)