We put the luxury in luxury vinyl flooring

nVent NUHEAT electric radiant heating systems are ideal for luxury vinyl flooring.


Benefits of using nVent NUHEAT with luxury vinyl include...

•  Warmth for the sole™: nVent NUHEAT transforms cold floors into a luxurious source of warmth that soothes and comforts.

•  Floor heat for the connected home™: Control your nVent NUHEAT Signature thermostat using Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, and other smart home technologies.

•  Heat limiting feature: nVent NUHEAT thermostats feature a luxury vinyl / engineered wood / laminate setting that ensures in-floor temperature never exceeds 82° F (28° C).

•  Easy installation: nVent NUHEAT has a complete portfolio of electric floor heating systems to suit your specific application.

•  UL approved: All nVent NUHEAT electric radiant heating systems are UL approved for use with compatible luxury vinyl flooring products*.

Combine the soothing warmth of nVent NUHEAT with your next luxury vinyl installation! 


*Confirm floor heat compatibility with the flooring manufacturer prior to installation. Follow the flooring manufacturer’s installation instructions.