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nVent Nuheat Floor Heating Systems are easy to install, energy efficient and can be controlled using a variety of thermostat options.

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Stepping on a heated floor makes all the difference, radiant floor heating takes the chill away from your floors and brings warmth and comfort into your home. It adds that little touch of luxury that helps you relax and enjoy the cozy atmosphere in any room you have it installed.

nVent Nuheat Floor Heating Systems combine this great feeling of comfort with innovative and energy-efficient heating technology and thermostats – making sure you get the best out of your heating system.

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Radiant electric floor heating is more comfortable than other systems

There are many reasons why radiant electric floor heating is more comfortable than other systems. 

First, it feels warmer because the heat is delivered where you live—near the floor. Since all surfaces in the room are also being heated, there are no cold objects to draw heat from you and make you feel cold. Radiant heated floors do not blow dust and allergens around and provides an improved room climate with healthier humidity levels.

Our heating systems are suited for any room in your house, providing comfort wherever you are.

We have systems that fit any shape or room size

nVent Nuheat Floor Heating Systems are ideal room specific heat source options for both new construction or renovation projects. These easy-to install systems are available for a range of floor surfaces, including tile, stone and laminate/engineered wood floors. From standard cable, mesh and mat floor heating solutions to cable solutions with uncoupling membrane or made-to-order custom mats, we have designed our products to make it easy for you to install them.

Custom Mats

Standard Mats

Standard Cable


Enjoy the comfort and reduce heating costs at the same time

Underfloor heating systems often are called low-temperature systems. Since their heating surface is much larger than other systems, a much lower temperature is required to achieve the same level of heat transfer.

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Comfort without worries.
25-Year Product Warranty

nVent Nuheat Floor Heating Systems are covered by 25-Year Product Warranty. It gets even better when you have one of our nVent Nuheat Certified ​PRO’s install your floor heating system, in this case you enjoy a 25-Year Total Care Warranty at no additional cost.

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The easiest and thinnest pre-built floor heating.

nVent Nuheat Standard and Custom Mats do not require any on-site adjustments. The thin pre-built mat is simply adhered to he subfloor using thinset tiles can be installed the SAME day. Custom Mats provide 100% floor coverage – without cold spots.