Processing requirements for Nuheat Mat and Cable Repair Requests:

This is for Post-Sale in-floor Mat/Cable/Mesh Repairs only. If you are having problems with your wall thermostat please contact Nuheat Technical Support at 1 800 778 9276 ext 2.

  1. This service is for in-floor repair of an installed Nuheat heater only. Problems with a wall-mounted thermostats can be addressed by reviewing the Thermostat Troubleshooting steps located here:

  2. A certified electrician must complete on-site troubleshooting (Ohms reading & insulation test) prior to initiating a repair request. The electrician should compare the test results to the specifications on the UL/CSA tag attached to the lead wires that connect to the thermostat. Call Nuheat Technical Support at 1-800-778-9276, press 2 for assistance. Customer Service hours are Monday to Friday 6:00AM PST / 9:00AM EST to 4:00PST / 7:00PM EST.

  3. Proof of purchase and/or a photograph of the UL/CSA tag is required in order to initiate a repair as well as the ohms readings given by the electrician. It is recommended that the electrician take photographs of the wiring to the thermostat unit or power location.

  4. All required fields in the repair request form must be completed. They are marked with an asterisk (*).
Once this form is submitted, you will receive via reply email the case number with further instructions.
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