Repair Request Form

In order to facilitate timely and effective Technical Service for your nVent Nuheat Floor Heating System, please take a moment and fill out the form below. This form will aid the Residential Customer Care Team with trouble-shooting potential issues, organizing further on-site trouble-shooting by a trained nVent Nuheat Repair Technician, as well as facilitating the repair of warranty and non-warranty issues.

  • Project Information

  • Contact Information

  • Product Information

  • Product Troubleshooting Information

    Nuheat Product OHMS READINGS: Your Electrician will be able to do these tests by removing the Nuheat Thermostat connected to your floor heating system and reading the Ohms of the product wires. We require all 3 readings.

  • Additional Information

    If you have already spoken with a nVent Nuheat Representative (distributor, technical support agent, customer service rep etc.), please kindly provide their name, and add any troubleshooting steps you have already taken.

Terms of Service

Our Repair Technicians are independent contractors, you must agree to their terms of contract before work can begin, which may include an agreement to their respective payment terms. You are required to provide your payment information to the Repair Technician nVent Nuheat assigns to your case UNLESS, upon an initial diagnostic, the Repair Technician does deem your claim as warrantable by nVent Nuheat.

You must accept the above terms before you can submit this form.