Offering you the best expertise and training, that's our nVent Nuheat Certified PRO Program

We take pride in building industry leading electric floor heating products, and partnering with experienced floor heating tile and electrical installers. We want to equip you with the best expertise and training to install and use nVent Nuheat products. That is why we created the Nuheat Certified PRO Program.

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Become accredited.
Add to your industry floor heating credentials. Nuheat is a well-recognized brand.
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Obtain exclusive rights to offer the nVent Nuheat 25-Year Total Care Warranty.
This warranty is only available to Certified PRO installers and is an upgrade of the nVent Nuheat 25-Year Product Warranty. The Nuheat Total Care Warranty will replace the product, and covers the costs related to a re-installation given a manufacturing defect.
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Obtain referrals from
Publish your business on’s searchable Certified PRO installer database.
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Take advantage of quarterly promotions and discounts.
We reward our best Certified PRO installers.
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Attend exclusive events and training.
Be one of the first to learn about new nVent Nuheat products and innovations.

Steps to Get Started

  • To begin:
    1. Sign up for a training session
    2. Attend a local Certified PRO training in your area and get certified
  • What will you learn?

    In a practical hands-on session you will learn:

    1. Overview of all nVent Nuheat floor heating systems
    2. Full installation demonstration and best practices
    3. Testing and warranty requirements
    4. Sales techniques
  • Once you've completed training:
    1. You will receive your Certified PRO license number
    2. You will be listed on as a Certified PRO installer
    3. You can begin offering our exclusive 25-Year Total Care Warranty on all your floor heating installations
    4. You can take advantage of promotions and more for becoming a Certified PRO

To be a member of the Certified PRO Program each installer must accept the Certified PRO Program Terms & Conditions - see details: English, French Canadian.

Upcoming Online Certified PRO Trainings

October 5th 1pm-3pm EST

November 9th 1pm-3pm EST

December 14th 1pm-3pm EST

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When will I receive my Certified PRO number/certificate?

After training completion, program confirmation and your Certified PRO number will be sent out to you directly.

​What if I have more installers in my business?

A Certified PRO number is assigned to both the Contractor /business and to the individual installer (as an extension of the contractor number).

​How long is my certificate valid for?

Certificates are valid for 10 years from your most recent training date.

What is Total Care Warranty?

In the event of a warranty repair, we will not only provide you with a new product and pay the costs of installing it, we will also cover the repairs or replacement of the floor covering to the equivalent standard. Total Care Warranty is a 25 year warranty that covers:
• Product warranty
• Floor heating system replacement
• Floor covering renovation to initial state

For more information on Total Care Warranty, visit our warranty page.

When will I receive my certificate and confirmation letter?

The electronic version of your certificate will be sent out by e-mail within 14 business days from your completed training date.