Operating Cost Calculator

Most bathrooms and kitchens will cost pennies a day to operate. The actual cost of operating Nuheat Floor Heating Systems will depend on the size of the floor area, cost of electricity in your area and length of time the Nuheat system will be turned on.

Because Nuheat directly heats the occupants of the room (via contact between a heated surface and your feet), you can decrease the ambient air temperature without sacrificing comfort. Heat emanates from the entire floor surface as opposed to a single vent or baseboard heater. The cost of operating Nuheat can be offset by savings from being less reliant on traditional heat sources.

Use our Operating Cost Calculator to determine how much it will cost to operate Nuheat Floor Heating Systems.

Operating Cost Calculator

Heated Floor Size

Nuheat is not installed beneath cabinets, bathtubs, and other fixed furniture. Do not include this in your square footage calculation.

Electricity Cost

The cents per kilowatt hour charge can be found on your electrical bill or on your provincial / state government website. The average is 12¢ / kWh.

Daily Heating Time

Typical "on-times" are from 6:30am-8am & 6pm-10pm (total 5.5 hours). The on-time can be reduced by following a few Energy Saving Tips.
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Direct Conductive Heating

In lieu of heating and reintroducing warm air into a room, Nuheat directly heats the occupants of a room through conduction, as well as controlling the air temperature by introducing heat directly to the room. Because this heat emanates from the entire floor surface, the heat is even, consistent and most concentrated under 6 feet – where most of us spend our time. This translates into consistent comfort despite a cooler ambient air temperature. And by maintaining a cooler ambient temperature – while still maintaining comfort – energy cost are reduced and heating becomes more efficient.

Residual Heating

heat-retention-graphBy the virtue of its installation method, Nuheat is encased in a thermal mass (thinset layers above and below the Nuheat system). This thermal mass retains and stores the heat emitted by the system. Even after Nuheat is turned off, this thermal mass continues to feel warm and emit its stored heat – again increasing efficiency and reducing energy costs.


Nuheat is a service-free product, boasting a 25-year warranty and requiring no maintenance. Because the heating source is safely incased between layers of thinset, there is no concern of furniture, drapes or children coming in contact with the heating source.

Designer Living

Baseboard heaters are unsightly and protrude from the wall any where from 4″ to 5″. Nuheat, on the other hand, is a nearly invisible product, tucked neatly beneath the flooring surface – its stylish thermostats being the only visible aspect of the system. And given the fact heat emanates from the entire floor, there’s no need to worry about furniture covering heat registers or the proximity of items to a baseboard heater. Nuheat allows complete freedom for decorating, while maintaining a comfortable room temperature.

How to Replace Your Baseboard Heater with a Nuheat Floor Heating System

Before you start, confirm the baseboard is on a dedicated circuit (Nuheat requires a dedicated circuit). If the wattage of Nuheat Mat is greater than that of your baseboard heater, ensure the total load will not exceed breaker size.