nVent Nuheat Signature Now Works With IFTTT®

The Signature thermostat is part of this popular free service that enables you to automatically trigger actions for your floor heating system based on other apps, web services and devices. 

Setup and System Requirements

Before proceeding, ensure you have the following:

  • An account setup on with your own username and password
  • At least one linked Signature thermostat in your account - only linked thermostats can be connected to IFTTT
  • Confirmed that you can control the Signature thermostat(s) via the Nuheat app and/or
  • Downloaded the IFTTT app on your smartphone

Once you have completed the above setup requirements, follow the steps below to use the IFTTT applets:
(NOTE - screenshots of the app may ​​differ depending on the smartphone being used)

1. Open the IFTTT app on your phone

Step 1

2. Click the magnifying glass icon on the top right. Type in "nuheat" in the search bar to find Nuheat applets
Step 2

3. Scroll/Select the desired applet and click 'Turn On' to enable the applet
Step 3

4. Click 'Ok' which will open the login page on
Step 4

5. Sign into your account using your username and password for
Step 5

6. When you see the permission request to link your IFTTT account with your account, click 'Yes, allow'
Step 6

7. When prompted to "Open in IFTTT?", click 'Open'
Step 7

8. Configure the applet in the IFTTT app
Step 8

9. Click 'Save' in the applet