Setup and System Requirements

Before proceeding, ensure you have the following:

  • An account setup on with your own username and password
  • At least one linked Signature thermostat in your account - only linked thermostats can be connected to IFTTT
  • Confirmed that you can control the Signature thermostat(s) via the Nuheat app and/or
  • Downloaded the IFTTT app on your smartphone

Once you have completed the above setup requirements, follow the steps below to use the IFTTT applets:
(NOTE - screenshots of the app may ​​differ depending on the smartphone being used)

1. Open the IFTTT app on your phone

Step 1

2. Click the magnifying glass icon on the top right. Type in "nuheat" in the search bar to find Nuheat applets
Step 2

3. Scroll/Select the desired applet and click 'Turn On' to enable the applet
Step 3

4. Click 'Ok' which will open the login page on
Step 4

5. Sign into your account using your username and password for
Step 5

6. When you see the permission request to link your IFTTT account with your account, click 'Yes, allow'
Step 6

7. When prompted to "Open in IFTTT?", click 'Open'
Step 7

8. Configure the applet in the IFTTT app
Step 8

9. Click 'Save' in the applet